C Mark Hannan worked on the oil and gas rig

Posted by Admin - August 2nd, 2012

Mark Hannan is the product of a small, rural, village in the Midwestern United States. From a very tender age he learned that working hard would produce results that were needed. So, from an early age he was instilled with the idea that hard work would pay off. This proved to be an important development in his progression towards becoming a successful businessman. C Mark Hannan eventually went to work on an oil and gas drilling rig as a roughneck. He worked on the oil and gas rig in order to pay for his college schooling. This taught him that his education was incredibly important.

Self-improvement is the name of the game for Mark Hannan. He firmly believes that increasing upon his own business skills is vital. He has studied, and continues to study, the ideas because organizational learning and organizational effectiveness. These are ideas which have become even more important as of late, as businesses look to become more proficient and effective in the midst of the recession. Hannan is a student of the idea of business experts like John Kotter, who is a Professor Emeritus of the Harvard Business School.

Organizational change must be paired with organizational learning. The changing of an organization will benefit a company, but unless they learn how to change in the future then it is all for naught.

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